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The Doom Bible
Even Doom had a beginning.  After id Software completed Spear of Destiny and was ready to start on their next-generation game, it was time to start drawing up plans.  Enter the Doom Bible.  This design document, written by Tom Hall in late 1992, was the original guideline for what would eventually become the shoot-em-up we all know and love.  Doom was a different  game back then: six episodes?  Multiple characters?  Cutscenes?  While much of the material within the 16-section Doom Bible never found its was into the actual game, some items did; and their origins are now fully explained.  Ever wonder why it's called the Soul Sphere?  The Doom Bible had the answer.  Did you know the word "gib" was around in 1992?  Yup, it's there.  If you've ever wondered what Doom's early stages were like, this is the document to read.  (More)
The Top Ten
We've tallied the votes, and now it's time to announce the winners.  After five years and endless thousands of WADs and WAD authors, we're proud to announce those ten people who have been ingrained in the gaming community's hearts as those who stand out above the rest.  Click!
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December 9
John Romero
December 8
Ty Halderman
December 7
Justin Fisher
December 6
Tim Willits
December 5
Dario Casali
December 4
Banjo Software
December 3
Anthony Czerwonka
December 2
Iikka Keranen
December 1
Harry Teasley
November 30
Sverre Kvernmo
November 29
John Bye
November 28
T. Eliot Cannon
November 27
Mike Gummelt
November 26
Joel Huenink
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