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Tim Willits
Where does being a Doom level designer get you? How about Dallas? How about becoming the lead level designer at id Software, the creators of Doom? Well, that is where Tim Willits found himself, all because he was a Doom level developer. Releasing his Raven series early in Doom2's life, he caught the eye of id in time to join the Master Levels project. But his Doom success didn't stop there, he later contributed to Ultimate Doom as well. Being hired by the creators themselves instantly has to say something for the talent of this man, who has since gone on to help create the levels of Quake and Quake2. Few can say that there Doom levels inspired so much respect from id to actually be hired by that company. Level designers have come and gone from the Doom community, but one has gone passed the hills and vistas of the the other Kings to sit atop Mt. Olympus itself, and watch over the world from his lofty perch.  
Top Ten List
Number 9