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Malcolm Sailor
I've never gotten myself so tense and sweaty playing Doom outside of deathmatch than when playing a level by Malcolm Sailor. All his levels, from the No Sun to Chord series have been nail bitters from start to finish. Malcolm perfected the art of making the Doomer conserve his ammo, learn to use his fists, and run scared. It can be truly frightening to have two Revenants come at you when you only have 3 rounds left for your shotgun, and Malcolm knows just what you will have when you reach them too. He always seems to know just about how you should be fairing when you get to an encounter, and give you something that you should just be able to handle. But one slip up and it could spell your Doom. After making a good amount of some of the hardest, and best single player levels ever, Malcolm recently began making DM levels when he joined up with the Gothic2 team. It was only a natural progression as he fit in perfectly with the team, his lack of DM level making experience totally unapparent while playing through the add-on. All that I can say is that if you have never played a Malcolm Sailor level, then you have never truly fought your way through a Doom level. 
Number 10
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