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Kurt Kesler
Sometimes you have to wonder, if we could put up one man against SLIGE and see which one could come out on top with the most levels done in a week, who would it be? Almost anyone who has been around recently would say Kurt Kesler. Never has there been a level designer that could so quickly turn out so many high quality maps so quickly. It seemed as though every week there would be a new level by Kesler for you to fight your way through. Yet, these weren't crap levels to be laughed at. They were usually well thought out, heavy hitting winners. With something over 40 levels to his credit, Kurt has probably put out one of the highest amount of known levels in existance. Kesler was one of the greatest helps to the resurrgence of the development of levels by the average Doom level designer, as for a time the scene was overtaking by the Gods of Doom Level design, as most people felt it was to late to do levels for the game. But suddenly, Kurt begins to release his well received level sets to the public and bam, people start hitting the level editor, and we begin to be graced by excellent wads from sometimes little known people. For that we all owe Kurt a thank you. 
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