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Gaston "Mordeth" Lahaut
Mordeth was one of the most hailed level creations ever. A whole episode full of new monsters, awesome level design, some great design tricks and more. All done by one man, Gaston Lahaut, Mordeth himself. It is so obvious why his project shares his nickname, there is simply so much of himself in each level. Each level is huge, taking plenty of time for you to complete. And each one fits the description of what it should be perfectly. Gaston knows how to convince the Doomer that they are really playing in a ruined fort, or whatever the situation may be. Gaston has become a master of the Doom Wad, knowing the ins and outs of every aspect of Doom, from textures, sprites, level design, and Dehacked. Since the release of Mordeth, Gaston has gone on to start the Special Effects tutorials that are now hosted at Doomworld, as well as Fancypants, the one stop shop to find all the level designers and projects you could ever want. His upcoming episodes 2 and 3 for Mordeth are being waited for with baited breath. With people like Nick Baker, Adam Williamson, Anthony Soto, and the Gothic Crew, Mordeth 2 and 3 are almost assured hits. But of course, none of this would never have happened if not for the release of the original Mordeth. 
Number 8
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