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Doomworld: So, right now you have Ragnarok and Reclamation going on that we've already talked about.  What other projects are actively being worked on?
Ty: Well, there's The Return, which is where some of the folks are taking both new and previously released levels and redoing them.  They're using the Eternal DOOM resources (textures, flats...) and redoing them for Boom.  If you know the Eternal folks, they like big levels, and with Boom removing limits like it has, these levels are going to be amazing. 

Ultimate Invasion is another one that we've got going.  Paul Fleschute ("Moe") had done quite a few levels for previous releases of Invasion, but they were for DOOM.  He's redoing them along with his teammates, and they'll be in DOOM 2 instead, and there will be 99 levels in Ultimate Invasion.  We're doing some Boom mods for that project too, as well as the ones we're doing for Ragnarok. 

Then there's LUC, which is a TC for Quake 2.  Though TeamTNT continues to be Doom-focused, there's a group of members who have done some pretty amazing stuff with Quake 2.  There's not much that I can disclose about that right now, though information will show up on that project's web pages as time goes on.  There are a few screenshots now.

And after all that?
There's DOOM2000, which is to be released on January 1st of 2000.  Some folks think we're never going to make it because it hasn't started yet, but not every project is Ragnarok...  There apparently was some noise from id Software about a project with that name, but we've had this in the plans for a couple of years now and it's not related to them.  

Our Futures web page has some other project ideas on it too, like Doom Revisited, but those are just ideas and there's no telling what the future will bring.  With Boom available as the engine, new possibilities are opening up, and the source merger will produce an engine that's even more applicable to new things.

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