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Doomworld: You do a lot of stuff outside of work doing physical activities. Is that an escape sometimes from the pressure of working on a major computer game release?
Willits:  Yeah, sometimes when I'm stressed out I'll go rollerblading. Which is alot of fun to do. I always go snowboarding in the winter time. And actually a lot of people here at id are pretty athletic. A lot of the guys work out a couple of times a week. It's quite surprising how athletic id is as a company. I mean, we make games, and most computer programmers aren't the most athletic people. We have a lot of pretty strong, pretty athletic guys here. 
What were the bands that you listened to while making Quake2?
I listen to mostly rock and heavier rock, Pearl Jam and stuff. Brandon and Christian, they like the techno, Nine Inch Nails, Marylin Manson, and stuff like that. 
Speaking of that... it seems like Nine Inch Nails has to be the most popular editing music out there. Go to just about any project site and if they talk about the music listened to why developing, there is something about NIN in there somewhere. Also, did the level designers get to work much with Trent while making Quake?
No, I've never had anything to do with the music, never will have anything to do with the music. But on Quake Trent did a stellar job. and then Sonic Mayhem did a great job for Quake2. Right now Brandon takes care of all the music for us. And he knows a bit more about that then I would.
What is the best thing that has come from doing Doom levels?
Working at id! It's a dream come true. The company is great to work for. It's great working with the other designers... I love it here.
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