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Doomworld: Of all your maps, which are your personal favorite?
Willits:  The waste unit of Quake2. They would be the bronze orange levels.
If id ever does get around to doing a Doom2000 would you be happy to work in the Doom style and theme again?
Definitely, that would be very fun to do. 
Would you want to do Doom2000 on something along the lines of a Quake3 engine, or more like a heavily modified Doom style engine?
We can't go back to the Doom engine. We've always been moving forward, and if we ever did do a Doom2000 (which we aren't committed to of course), it'd definately be with John's newest technology. 
Since you were an amature level designer, would you say it has become harder to get into the ranks of the professional level designers?
If you are really talented, work hard, and prove you can make great stuff its really not that hard. You just have to want it and keep trying. You have to get your maps out, have people play them. It's very important to get exposure.
What would you say some of the reasons are that people say that Doom built the FPS genre?
Wolfenstein was the first, but Doom was the first super successful. First mulitpayer, it was a very exciting game. And it still is an awesome game. The guys that did it, they were simply a group of geniuses. 
Do you think that once Doom's internet play can match that of Quake's in terms of dealing with lag it could regain some popularity or greatly increase its lifespan?
Hopefully people can make things that are stable and fun. Carmack has shown me a few things and its great to see all the stuff that has been done with it. Doom will always hold a special place in my heart and the hearts of all the people that ever really enjoyed it and maybe it will get a little more popular. But I can't say for sure.
I know being the head level designer at id keeps you very busy, but do you ever get time to check up on the enduser commmunities?
All of us here are extremly busy, but we all try and download popular wads, mods, and such. Of course I read all the news pages all the time. Everyone here really tries to participate. I try hard. 
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