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Doomworld: How long does it usually take for you to get a level done? Relatively speaking quickly, or do you tend to take your time and perfect everything as you go?
Willits:  Well on Quake2 I had no luxury to be slow, considering there were so many levels. It all really depends, but I would say in about average time. The idea is 80% of it. Doing it is the easy part. Once I get a good idea I can go with it pretty quickly. 
How much longer would you say it took to work on a Quake(2) level compared to a Doom level?
Oh, it takes substantially longer to do. because it's in true 3D and you need to think about everything, what happens below the floor, above the ceiling. It's totally different. It's more powerful.
What about the current Quake3 maps compared to Quake(2)?
We're still a long way from getting that done, so we'll just need to have a wait and see attitude on that one.
What type of computer did you use to edit Doom levels?
Tandy 486 SX 25.
Now what did id give you to play with?
Intergraph with two Pentium II 333s, 512 MB ram, and the video card has 64 megs of ram. It's quite impressive.
Do you guys still have Deathmatches over at id?
Oh yeah! We play Deathmatch all the time. Now that Quake Arena is coming along pretty good, we have alot of testing to do. 
Who is king of DM?
Brandon. He is untouchable.
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