Doomworld: What ever happened to the Chronos- Man's Last Breath megawad you had started on? Any of those levels left sitting unfinished on a HD somewhere or something like that?
Myscha: I started it and had a guy making me some textures-then I was hired by Epic and never looked back. It's funny though, I love time travel stuff! The Journeyman Project 2 Buried in Time is one of my all time favorite games for design content. 
Daikatana will dish out plenty of time travel very soon!
Have you played any of the Doom source mods? If so any personal favorties? Also, are you at all interested in getting your hands on glDoom?
I hate to see it-but after working, living, breathing Unreal for so long I can barely play anything that's not 3d. 
I'd love to see GLDoom with a console and higher res sprites.
Did Unreal (sans Multiplayer problems) meet the expectations of the Epic team?
Not really. There was a hell of a lot more content and cooler storyline stuff that was planned that never got executed due to "time". I am pretty pleased with what I was able to do with my maps, I only wish that the entire game had more storyline and interactivity in it. Any future projects we work on will make Unreal look terrible. There are millions of new fresh ideas that need to brought out to take the First Person Gaming experience beyond it's rat maze state. Multiplayer has been fixed BTW-and more improvments to the weapons are coming as well. 
I love our new "HardCore": mode
Did Unreal take any ideas or influences from Doom?
Don't think so.
What would you say to the current crop of Doomers out there?
Upgrade yer PC :)
Where would you say your inspiration for most of your maps come from?
Production designers from movies. I often design an entire map around a mood or feeling that I am trying to convey. For example Chizra was Indiana Jones "feeling" but I didn't want to rip it off. I always strive to capture moods or feelings but never blatantly copy something. I enjoy designing it for myself way too much. 
People who copy stuff suck and should be excuted.
I noticed that you also had a thing for making sounds for Doom as well as levels. And unlike most sound patches they were actually good. 8-) But, how far did you ever persue the sound creation aspects of your abilities? And what made you decide to do sounds for Doom in the first place?
Give a Guy WinTex and he will make weird shit. It was really more of an experiment to see what I could do with my really crappy sound editor.
During your Doom days, what was your editor of choice and why did you settle on that particular editor?
I used Waded-which was modified by a friend to include elements of DETH.  I also used BSP and some other weird-o text line dos prompt utilities for rebuilding final versions. I blame Steve Benner for why I chose WADED-his tutorial was extremely helpful. 

My Favorite aspect of Doom Editing was lighting and creation of volumes. 
All my gameplay was made to be hard as shit for me-and I was a damn good mover. I never really made the maps for "general keyboarder Bob" but made them for myself the most. 

I chalk up my Doom stuff to learning experience. I loved the community that went along with it. Doom still rocks ass for gameplay.  

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