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Joel Huenik
Joel Huenik doesn't play Doom much anymore.  As the president of 4D Rulers, he's busy heading his design team towards the completion of their first commercial game, entitled Gore.  While Gore, when completed, will be at the front of the technology curve (featuring all the latest refinements that today's 3D shooters have to offer), it won't be the first groundbreaking game that Joel has put together.  Three years ago, he started his first foray into the world of game editing with All Hell's Breaking Loose, a partial conversion for Doom 2 which featured all-new monsters, levels, and weapons, as well as some incredible Dehacked work which made enemies ten times as lethal.
Doomworld: When did you first play Doom?
Joel: Actually not till some time after I played Doom2, which was fairly new at  
the time.
When did you first start All Hell's Breaking Loose?
December 95.
What gave you the idea for it?
Well, I always wanted to make games, since the atari days in the late 70's as a young teen, and doom editing a TC was a perfect place to start, because even then, I knew I would someday have my own company. I knew that I needed to know something about every phase of game creation, so the TC was the perfect answer, since there were so many helpful people out there on the net, it was like a free course to game making. I was loving it!
From the beginning, were you planning an entirely new weapon/monster/level set?
Yes, but I soon learned one guy can only do so much, especially lacking experience and quality tools. 
How did working in a sign shop help you make the TC?
Well, it was a family sign shop, so I had flexibility to work on All Hell part of the day. I had told my brothers when All Hell was done, I was going to get an engine, and we could make a full game. Also it was the foundation of my computer and graphic design skills. And the computer was helpful too! 
What was your favorite monster in the TC? 
The fiend (the gargoyle I modeled). 
Your favorite weapon? 
The auto shotgun (streetsweeper) was so much fun to mow down the hundreds of imps in the streets. 
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