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Doomworld: Recently we've seen a lot of designers walk out on ION Storm, apparently to start their own company. How does that affect you personally?
Iikka: Hmm... I hope I'll get a raise for this... just kidding. I won't comment on that, most of them weren't from Anachronox team anyway.
Are you keeping in touch with the Doom scene, or old Doom buddies?
Sorry, I would have to guess. I've kinda slipped away from Doom scene lately. :(
Why are we Doomers so "weird" for still sticking to the Dictator-for-life of all games? :)
Bah, nothing weird about that. Some people are sticking to things like Zork ;)
What do you think of Doom's current position in the 'gaming world', after the release of the source code? Could you have surmised Doom is so very much alive even today?
I think it's in a very cool position, as now everyone can hack it like they want. It will probably start up a lot of young game programmers who can learn the basics of 3d games from it. Also it's probably the best game whose source code is freely available, so I'm not surprised about the sudden "boom" of new Doom versions.
How do you see the future of Doom, supposing you think it still has one?
It does have a future... I don't really play it anymore (but then again I don't play anything else either cos I don't have too much spare time), but it's still one of the most fun LAN games around. And now we can get things like CTF and other variations to spice it up. I don't think it would "die" very soon.
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