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Doomworld: Recently, a guy has announced his creation of a 5-story 3D bridge in Doom, outdoing your incredible-for-the-time 2-story and 3-story bridges by quite a large margin.  Any comments? :)
Iikka: I think I talked to the guy in emails... I had plans to make 4- and 5-story bridges myself, but really had no reason for that. It can be done with the exact same principle as any two-story system.
Is there a life after Doom?  More significantly, what have you done with your editing skills after you left Doom? I know you did some work on Quake... how did that happen?
I would say "some" is an understatement here. Even though I earned my "skillz" on Doom engines, a lot of my best work happened on Quake.
Although Quake is 3D as opposed to Doom's 2.5D, what game was the most fun to create stuff for?
I would say it was Quake. I absolutely love the fact that it was completely designed to be expandable, you could really write your own game with QC (as I did ;), and still not have to hack the exe file etc.
Honestly, don't you think Quake's rocket launcher looks like a mechanical penis?
What do you mean, it isn't a mechanical penis?
How did you become professionally involved in the game industry?
My Quake levels (yes, the blue ones) caught people's attention at ION. (And God knows how many other companies)
How is it like working for a big name game company?
Um, pretty much like working for a small name game company, I guess. Or kinda like making add-on levels, except the game engine is changing all the time and you have to follow a plot :)
Is Romero really a cheap camping bastard during deathmatch?
I have played DM against him for maybe 15 minutes total (and it was a 8-player game), so can't really say much. People at ION don't exactly play games all the time.
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