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Doomworld: If a person wanted to go into the game business, what would you recommend they work on and or study in school. Are there things they should prepare for if they want to run their own gaming company?
Bow: Programming.  One of the key items that has hindered us from breaking into the money making side of this industry is that we don't have our own engine.  Build the engine first, then plug in the art is the way the big guys are doing it, not vice versa.  There are a lot more great artists out there than there are engines.  If you build it, they will come :)
Why was the decision made to cut the Hacx add-on from a full 32 level TC to 21 levels?
Time - We knew that we needed to get something on the market, and hoped that we might make it with a little time before Q2.  We did ....a little.
With the recent release of the Doom source and all the wonderful things that have been done with it, are you wishing now that you had been able to rebuild the Doom engine as has been done recently instead of patching it with Dehacked? Thus in terms, making a whole new gameplay experience that was at its core Doom, but had so much that was new as to make it a step beyond what the original engine could do.
Sure, but it wasn't available for the current price when we started...or finished, even :)
We DID feel like we pushed the engine a lot farther than Doom had though, even with Dehacked.
How much longer are we looking at until the release of Hacx2? What are going to be some of the new things that we are going to see in the game besides weapons, monsters, textures, sounds and such? Any new gameplay items?
Too early to say.  Although a lot of the preliminary work is done, these questions will be better answered once we have decided on it's final engine.
Did you ever get a chance to look at some of the Hacx add-on levels that were released after Banjo had released the game? If so what did you think of the way people handled the things you had added to Doom?
I personally haven't had time.  We moved right out of Hacx into Hacx 2.  No breaks.  When you're trying to catch up, there's no time to stop and play :)  I will say though, we are always flattered when people find our game enjoyable enough to want to modify it and play it more.  I'm sure the guys at id feel the same way about add-ons for their games.  It's the greatest thing about these games.  The ability to modify and do add-ons.  How many people would be playing Doom or Hacx now if this had not been the case?  Certainly none would be playing Hacx, because it wouldn't have existed.  So, in answer to your question, I have to love the idea of any change that people make to our game, or else I would be a hypocrite :)
How was the deal to release projects such as S*T*R*A*I*N and GothicDM with Hacx formed? Was it because you had members of each team working with you on the project that thought it would be cool to release the levels with a commercial project?
Yes, we wanted to credit the people that worked on Hacx by allowing them to also showcase their other works. We had members of S*T*R*A*I*N and GothicDM working on Hacx and they contacted the other members of S*T*R*A*I*N and GothicDM to get everyone involved in those projects permission to include S*T*R*A*I*N and GothicDM (and the other add-ons included in HacX). So, it was just a showcase of the talented involved in the making of Hacx.
Any final comments as to why you think Doom has been able to keep a strong community with it for the past 5 years? Probably much longer than anyone ever expected.
Again, there is no doubt in my mind that because it can be modified so that you can always play a new game. That, and the ability to play deathmatch, which in effect makes a new game every time. Without those two items, I believe people would have grown bored long ago. There are other items that can be added such as it's speed, and many more that have made Doom a household name. From all of us here at Banjo we'd like to thank everyone that have supported us. Keep your eyes open more Banjo games!
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