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Doomworld: You've been known to have helped many new Doom level authors get through the "crap level" phase and into making good levels fairly quickly. Any plans on continuing to do so in the future or are you planning on becoming the mythical Doom level design god who will appear when needed to drop the great words of wisdom from Mount Olympus? 
Adelusion: Way ahead of you there ... that's one of the reasons why GothicDM(2) exist! =D SO people can learn new ideas from that, and implement them into their own works. People can ask for help at anytime.. mostly I'll get back with them as soon as I can ... all depends in the mood I'm in, etc.  Some days I'll walk them through, make a mock up level for them explaining certain things... etc... sometimes, it'll just be a couple of quick pointers.... All depends on what they want to know... I get several questions on how to do that Bridge in Dyst3... Now, I just can't tell them how.. that takes out the fun part of things, and takes away from the feeling when you get when you figure it out on 
your own ... and that's a good thing. Been there, done that. I hope to become entombed in the Great Dead Wall of Doom ... as with many others that made an impact in the Doom community. 
You've been playing a lot of Unreal and Quake2 recently from what you've posted on your page, and I was wondering, when are we going to see the FetalDM Quake2 series or something to that respect? I'm sure the Quake or Unreal communites would be blown away by what you could do in real 3D. 
Heh hee... yeah ... tell me about it... I'd like to see that myself ... it's just that SCARY first step ... it kinda sucks, I can turn on a dime with DCK2.2, I know so many short cuts, etc. I can make a DM map in the time it would take others weeks to do ... and going and learning a whole new editor, and starting all over ... it's like being a Freshman, and well.... I end up running back to Doom! So, until then ... maybe one day I'll grow a pair.. and take that plunge.... but.. what happens when I do... I'll get E-mails asking when will I'll do another Doom2 level! = D 
What are some of the things up next in the life of Anthony Czerwonka? (note that is you ... not Adelusion) 
Yeah, wondering who that guy was, and why everyone keeps calling me that! At least that's better then being called 'Hypostimus' =D  I have to finish SlaughterDM, then Mordeth's Episode3... then after that... prolly move onto the 3D engines... So many people are asking me to do Quake/Quake2 stuff... that I must take that step... soon... 
Any special plans for Doom's big fifth birthday?
I wish I had the time... I'd post one of those DM levels that I was going to do ... but no plans for now ... maybe I'll do an Interview for Doomworld about myself for them to post for such an occasion. = )
What is your most anticipated new computer game of any genre?
I love playing Warlords3: Darklords Rising, and plan on getting some LAN games when I get another computer that'll keep up with my pII400. Rainbow Six, and Diablo 2 comes to mind for that. Looking forward to Iikka's game that he's working on at ION to come out, too... 
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