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Doomworld: You've said before that you had never actually played any of your PerdDM levels, even in testing, as you had stated that you simply start to edit the levels and playtest them in your head through the editor. Since that time have you gotten around to play any of the Perd levels or do you plan to continue to leave them as a mystery? 
Adelusion: Funny that you asked this.. I was going to go into this on the last question... I still to this day have not even played any of those PerdDM levels, nor received any mail on errors from them ... so, as far as I know.. they work OK in DM, and play good. This, I did on purpose, I kinda wanted to see if I can pull that off, and like taking that risk. It really takes some amount of skill to pull that off ... on purpose that is... =] 
You've often been seen as one of the best Doom level authors ever to hit the scene. Knowing you are a modest guy, what would you say are the attributes you bring to your levels that tend to set them apart from all the other ones that are released everyday? 
I put a lot of myself into the level, I don't look at it like 'just a level', I don't put out a level if I don't care for it myself ... cause why would someone play a level that looks and plays like all the other 2,764,381 other levels out there after so long. I want mine to stick out, and I want people to remember the level and who made it. I want them to walk through the level and say "WOW" that looks cool ... then BLAM!!!! you're some'things' dinner. I make levels for that reason, and that reason only. I don't do it to say "My level is better than yours", or " na-na, I have more linedefts", I do it cause I like the feedback people send me cause that will only inspire me to make more. If they have any other input, that's always a plus, cause I don't DM that much, and when people say, "it'll be cool if this was this way" and I take that into consideration the next map I do. I comes down to the "love" ack... not a "manly" word, sorry = P... but it's true.. I do it for the passion... ack... not again... I'm an artist, and I like creating levels that have a personal touch that stands out from the other 2,764,381 other levels out there. 
What about your favorite level that you have created? I mean, you have really  put out some awesome levels, so which one would be your best work? And please, tell us what leads it to stand out in your mind. 
For Solo levels: Well, I don't have a favorite, cause I hate all my levels, in whole that is... Each level that I've done has a lot of areas in it that I like, but as a whole, it's not what I think is an all around good level. Some of the levels in Requiem that I did, I like ... certain areas in those, I mean. As with the Commercial version of HACX, I did 2 1/2 levels in that, and some of those just rock! But those were rushed, and I couldn't do what I truly am capable of doing.... but, nonetheless ... in the time I had, they still rocked! I'd say parts in HACX and REQUIEM stand out the most. Dystopia3 was a  
learning curve for me, and Iikka for that matter, I didn't like the levels that I did, and Dyst3 could be way better now, knowing the things I do now. 
We've all heard rumors that you had been offered jobs before in the game industry, but are they really true? And if so, who has offered you jobs, and why did you decline them?
Yes, one thing you all should know about me, personally.... I don't tell tales, I don't have a reason to lie, or make myself look good, or whatever... I had a Job Op., with Valve Software (Half-Life) I declined that, cause it was a relocation thing, and didn't have the experience with the Quake Engine, or it's Texture\Color scheme. ION Storm (Daikatana), was setup to come for a visit, but then the pos. was filled from an ex. employee that decided to come back. Later, was offered another job at the Austin offices working under Warren... Pretty much the same thing, didn't have the experience that I thought I should need before attempting such a feat ... and didn't want to take a chance on a Dream Job like that, and give up what I worked so hard for now ... it was a tuff decision, and think I made the right one. Another was some Medieval game with Knights, and stuff ... looked pretty cool, again, no experience. And some other small companies offered me possisions as well... Even though all these companies would offer everything they can do to teach me, I felt that I didn't want to let them down just in case I couldn't.. and would feel better about myself, if I had knowledge of Level Editing, and Designing textures beforehand ... sorry, but it's just a personal thing... Now, if I was fresh outta High School, and living at home ... my Ass would be in Texas right now! =D 
You've been known to have been involved with the Hacx project, which was a commercial add-on for the Doom project. How was it to finally get a chance to work on a "professional" project with many of the other level authors in the community? 
It was a 'Foot in the Door' kinda thing.. I knew it was not going to be so big... Doom2 has been out for quite some time, TC's and such have been out ... but, just to have the experience of being apart of that... I couldn't pass that chance up. As for working with the other people, it was a pleasure to work with some of the texture artists in HACX, my my my ... can they do some great looking textures... As for some of the other level authors, well, didn't talk and work with them too much ... never had the chance... 
You have recently been working on finishing the last Doom map by an old partner in crime of yours (Iikka Kernanen) for the SlaughterDM project. How is that map coming along, and how would you rate it compared to some of his other works? 
Actually, I took the whole summer/fall off from Doom2 altogether, and my computer, in parts... I've only recently started back into the editing part, and trying the get the texture wad in working condition to start editing that map. As for what's in store ... whelp.. I have yet to work with the Boom engine, and this will be a learning experience, but plan to live up to BOTH out names.. and provide some of my Best work in that Map.
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