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Anthony Czerwonka
Anthony Czerwonka, aka "Adelusion," has become the epitome of the Great Doom Level Maker.  For every vertice the normal Doom levelmaker has manipulated, he's pushed 100.  For every fan letter the average levelmaker has received, he's probably gotten 1000.  Having created numerous levels, many for noted Doom add-ons such as S*T*R*A*I*N, Requiem, Dystopia 3, HACX, Gothic DM, and most recently, Gothic DM II, Czerwonka is Doom's equivalent of the grizzled veteran who has seen it all and done it all.  Not only does he make levels, but he's a bonafide texture wizard too, creating hundreds of custom textures for all the projects listed above.  What can't the man do?  What's in his future?  Read on!
Doomworld: How were you first introduced to Doom? What about the level editing aspects of Doom? What was the first level editor you used? 
Adelusion: I was first introduced to DOOM, via buying the Shareware version of it at a local Software Dealer then going home only to play it until I got literally motion sick! =D After a while, I grew accustomed to it, but by then... I was all done with the first Episode and wanting more. 
As for the aspects of it, Doom was the' game out, it's technology was far beyond any other game out there, and it was damn too addicting NOT to play. The first editor I used, I cannot recall ... but the first one that I can recall is DCK2.2, and still use it to this day ... it's the Bible of all Doom Editors to me as far as I'm concerned. Now, if it only supported Win95+, I'd be a happy camper. 
How was your first Doom level compared to some of your most recent creations in GDM2? 
Doom level, huh ... actually I had some practice at level editing before to switch over to Doom, Heretic.... Loved that game, and theme ... go figure. So I started out editing for that game, then made the switch over to Doom from pressure from people asking me to make stuff for that game. So, comparing that level to my stuff in GDM2, I'd say I've come a long way ... still have a ways yet to go. I learned so much, and thanks to all the good and bad feedback... I only grew better at what I did and wanted to achieve. 
Where did the idea for Gothic DM come from?
Hypostimus (Chris Martin) He was a psychotic stalker of mine form way back... and placed every DM that I've done for DOOM2 into 1 WAD to play with his buddies over and over again.... then one day he E-Mailed me and asked me if I wanted it.. and that if I did some more... I'd have a whole 32 wad collection. So, that was what really kinda started the whole thing.. then I asked him one day if he wanted to help maybe start one.. and see how far we can get... it was going to be called FetalDM8: + Gothic DeathMatchs + and was going to end up being 8 levels or so... Until I saw that this could be something big, then I added Michal Mesko, Matthew Dixon, Dan Twomey, Andrei Romanov, and Iikka Keranen. I hand picked these myself... each of them I had a percise quality in them that I knew, once involved in such a project where everyone helped each other.. we'd all benefit from it. Then, so be it... it ended up being 32 levels with Music even... done by the best in the business... David Shaw, and Mark Klem.
For those that don't know GDM is known for its detailing and gameplay. Adel, how was the detailing aspect decided upon... was it before the project started or sometime during the project and what was the final vision you were looking for in the wad?
The detailing came by of.. first... I have an eye for detailing... I always like to challenge myself to make something look real.. which, in most cases, means detailing. But that was only the beginning... as we started to do more for GDM, we found that some\most of us wanted to do better then the others, and show off to the others.... " Hey, Look what I did! ". It was really kinda fun... it wasn't an EGO thing at all, it was more of a WOW, I can do that.... WOW this looks better if done this way... etc.. etc... Then, when I started to do some of the 3D tricks, one comes to mind... Hypo came to me one day.. and asked... Hey, I have this area... how can I make it so that there is a reason for it to be locked off... I asked for the wad.. and sent him back something that forever blew him, and others away.. the 3D Locking Door was born! (GDM Maps 16-19).  Eventually we all ended up making the wads... and when play-testing.. we finally then realized that we actually had something here.. and that DOOM2 would never be the same again. We knew that GDM would be that wad that people would be talking about, looking to for such ideas, and just basically admiring the Maps... like no other wad.... And to this day, you can say that too. I don't know how many people sent me mail, or I have read in NewsGroups that people actually 'Walked' through the whole thing for hours, before they played it, cause the thing looked so damn good... and that alone is what I\we wanted to accomplish.
With G2... you did a map that you are simply calling the Hypo Tribute Map... what did Hypostimus do to impact you so much as to devote a map to him?
Basically that stuff that he did in GDM... did you know that his GDM maps were his first ever maps?  And to say... I don't think anyone can do as good as a job on their 2nd map as Hypo did on his. His maps were just too realistic, even to mine! Damn him!.. and after seeing some stuff that he had done lately... damn... I just had to do something that'll impress (and outdue = P ) anything he has done to date... which, was going to be a hard task for me.... so I played on his court, and did this awesome DOOM2 version of an actual Cathedral Founded in 1110 called Fontervault. He'd inspired me greatly over the last year... and improved my skills tremendously... and I just wanted to thank him for that... in doing something that he'd alone would appreciate.. if no one else... Yes, to some, the level may look boring... but to others, and others that are into the Architecture.. will find it amazing.
You've stated on your homepage that you plan on scrapping all those textures you created for the GothicDM projects and start a new batch, with new levels to go along with them. What exactly is the theme for these levels and what exactly do you have planned, will it be more Fetal or Peered based? 
It's something that crossed my mind, if I got that urge again... It's kinda hard leaving something that you were so much apart of and loved to do only to move onto something else and forget about why\what got you there. I, for one, like to see "new" things in DOOM, either it be new textures, tricks, or aesthetics'. Aesthetics' always makes the level, then textures... So, if I were to do more stuff, I'd start a whole new texture scheme, mixing Gothic, Metal, and Quakish-type textures ... then making levels in the theme of the Fetal series again, with a dash of PerdDM, and a pinch of Gothic. 
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