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14. Stuff: Weapons, Items, Etc. 

14.1 Weapons 

There are many weapons in doom (with color used for personal palette of player): 

Knife (gray). Attachment to the machine pistol. Does minimum damage, more on 
back attack. 

Machine Pistol (violet). One shot at a time. Has knife attachment for close combat. 

Shotgun (blue). One shot at a time. Much more powerful, wider target range. 
Heavy recoil. 

Automatic machine gun (green). Multiple-shots of pistol-level damage. 

Missile launcher (yellow). Shoots very damaging missiles. Large Recoil. 

Added in Episode 2: 

Dark Claw (black). Demon weapon that casts a dark cloud of tortured essence. 
Silent but deadly. 

Added in Episode 3: 

Probiectile (orange). Minimal damage, but gives readout on enemy. 

Added in Doom 4-6 are: 

Spray rifle (brown). Multiple shots in a 600 are. Powerful as shotgun, but spread 
out more. Shotgun recoil. 

BFG 2704 (red). Horrible hallway-scouring weapon. Damages user a bit. Awful 
recoil. BFG stands for "Big Fucking Gun." Safest use: back to wall, distant target. 

In the commercial game, we have the final, rare weapon: 

Unmaker (white). Demon-tech weapon that hurts pure demons a lot, demon-humans very little, tech demons some. Made of demon bones. 

Ammo is required for weapons, of course, so here it is! 

Bullets. Used by, pistol, shotgun (gamism), machine gun, spray rifle. 

Cells. Plasma Gun, BFG 2704.Grenades. Grenade launcher. 

Missiles. Missile Launcher. 

Killed humans. The Darkclaw and Unmaker feed on human souls. Killing 
possessed humans or hellslaves allows the weapons to feed. 

14.2 Useful Items 

There's a lot of useful stuff in Doom. For instance. we got yer healing: 

Stim-Pack. Provides small boost to health -- it keeps you going until you can get real 

Medikit. Provides good bonus to health. 

Soul sphere. Contains the life energy of a human soul (and thus, it is a 1-Up)! 
Could become another shape if this seems too wolfish. 

We got yer treasure: 

Blood Receptacle. Gold bowl used in sacrifices. 

Dagger.  Also used in sacrifices, this knife is black and red. 

Chi Gem. Drops from true demons once they die, valuable item. Colors denote 
aura magnitude (read, how many points you get).(Also, it's a pun-"Chi" is pronounced "key.") 

Unholy Bible. Found only in Hell, this is a tome of great evil and holds some 
knowledge of the ways of demons (if studied for awhile-i.e. player doesn't have 
time to use knowledge). Well-guarded. 

And, o' course, we got yer powerups: 

AutoMap. Maps the current area for you, retains map of where you've been. 
Infrared Scanner. Allows you to see enemy through walls, in dark, invisible 
 demons (in later episodes). 
Sonar. Allows you to see all exits, obvious and secret. 

Duty armor: will take first ? health points away from damage to wearer. 
Guard armor: will take first ? health points away from damage to wearer. 
Battle Armor: will take first ? health points away from damage to wearer. 
Demon armor: Will take all damage, but a bit of health leaves at every hit. 

Energy fields (very high damage can overload them): 
Beam shield. Lessens effects of energy weapons. 
Disruptor Shield. Eliminates effects of energy weapons, save for the BFG. 
Deflector Shield. Deflects grenades and missiles. 
Ban shield. Prevents all solid weapons from hitting. 

Both armor and energy shields take damage when hit, until they are no longer 

Other protections: 
Shockshield. Acts like a deflector shield, but creatures you bump into suffer 
electrical shock damage. The shield is temporary. 
Shadow Cloak. This makes you temporarily invisible. 
Chaos Field. Makes monsters nearby fight each other. 

14.3 Interesting Items 

Episodes 2-6 and the commercial game will have items that fill out the story, and 
give the game have a sense of richness. 

Some ideas: memos, notes, clothes, signs of inhabitance, junk, familiar but 
damaged items, etc.

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