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13. Commercial Game: 

13.1 Story 

Commercial: Chaos Awake 
 At the start of the game, we see our team on a reunion vacation. Meanwhile the 
General demon is awaking the ancient demons. Back on Earth, they see the 
horizon change color. Switch to the General arriving with floods of demons, telling 
his children to go play. As the world is fighting them, you are sent as a strike team. 
You fight your way to the demon's palace and confront him, he announces his plans 
and throws you in a cage to watch the destruction. The player must shoot a 
machine nearby which explodes and knocks the cage from its perch. He send a few 
demons to round you up. The player has a short while to act. The General 
Demon's gate opening machine is there. You can see a gauge which he 
demostrated how he can play with the aperture with a giant control atop the 
machine, but he only messed with it in one direction. Also, there is a gap in the 
machine which sparks intermittently. If you shoot a probjectile into the gap, it 
sparks constantly and the readout starts moving to the inverse side, the General 
goes "What?" as the gate closes and the dimension starts bending inward. The 
Ancients are sucked into the machine, and the General is sucked in after trying to 
fire magic at it, all with horrible gibbletty mess. The dimension is pulled into the 
machine. Once it touches the machine, the machine starts to blow. Briefly, you see 
the aperture gauge opening again, then there is a flash. 
 On Earth, where the gate was we see a big gibletty squirt from the gate which 
flashes from existence. After a long pause, we see the team break the surface, 
covered with gibs. They look at each other and say something incredibly funny. 
 At the last, we see them horribly be-medalled, then back on vacation. See flash 
on horizon, they look at each other, then rain starts falling. They laugh. The end. 

13.2 Actors 

These actors appear on the commercial episode: 

13.3 Unique Bits 

Unique to this episode are the following things: 

13.4 Maps 

Here are the commercial episode maps:

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