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12. Episode Six: 

12.1 Story 

Episode Six: The Final Gate 
 You get back and ask the military if there are any more of these holes. They 
say, well, one more, but it is too small to be significant. You ask to check it out, and 
want to go in prepared, just in case. They give you your choice of weapons. Your 
ship lands. Then we see the hole being enlarged by a demon machine. You hit the 
planet, your pilot is killed by a demon. You find the demons overruning the base 
and assault the gate and try to stop them at the source after calling for help, saying 
you’ll probably have it cleaned up before they get there. You battle strange new 
demons, and in the end meet the General Demon, who totally slaughters you if you 
try to attack him. You can find a secret way to get behind him and blow up his 
machine. You run out and the "cavalry" has arrived. You take off as you order 
them to nuke the gate and the planet. We see the General Demon angry as the 
radiation blast flies past him, bathed in its light, threatening to awaken the ancient 

12.2 Actors 

These actors appear on episode six: 

12.3 Unique Bits 

Unique to this episode are the following things: 

12.4 Maps 

Here are the episode six maps:

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