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11. Episode Five: 

11.1 Story 

Episode Five: Base Instinct 
 You fight for control of the base. At the end you want to get to the ship and get 
the weapon back. In your way is some awful demon deal which you have to be 
clever to defeat. You are ready to take off, but decide to do something more 
permanent. You put a warhead on a troop carrier with a delayed detonation, and 
send it through the gate. It blows and nukes a good bit of Hell. The big General 
Demon shakes his head and touches his strange-shaped tactical board, changing 
that area to the color of our dimension. 

11.2 Actors 

These actors appear on episode five: 

11.3 Unique Bits 

Unique to this episode are the following things: 

11.4 Maps 

Here are the episode five maps:

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Section 12