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10. Episode Four: 

10.1 Story 

Episode Four: Armed Assault 
 Your team is in jail for destroying the planet: the officials denied tampering with 
the forces. You've been promised release as soon as it blows over. Then they 
recruit you to explore another gate that the military has opened on the small moon 
of ????. The squads they've sent in have lost to the forces there. Demons from the 
gate have stolen a new weapon and you've got to get it back. Once there, you 
travel hell and find the weapon ... and itís attached to a huge techno-demon. You 
defeat him and cut the weapon off, and find its energy systems non-functional. You 
go outside and head for the gate. When you return to the moon, the entire base is 
covered with grotesque demonic goo. 

10.2 Actors 

These actors appear on episode four: 

10.3 Unique Bits 

Unique to this episode are the following things: 

10.4 Maps 

Here are the episode four maps:

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