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8.  Episode Two: 

8.1 Story 

Episode Two: Lost in Hell or To Hell and Back 
 You explore. In the distance you see a great dark edifice. You must make your 
way there and try to find a way to escape. 
 You fight your way through many aliens. Once you reach the edifice , you find a 
gate guarded by a forcefield. You lead a big boss guy there and shoot him, 
buffeting him backward into the beam, destroying it. You go through the door and 
get to the gate. You storm through and make it back to your own universe, only to 
find you're back on Tei Tenga, and the demonic aliens have taken over the lightside 

8.2 Actors 

These actors appear on episode two: 

8.3 Unique Bits 

Unique to this episode are the following things: 

8.4 Maps 

Here are the episode two maps:

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