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7. Episode One: 

This must be kept small and powerful.  It is limited to a 700K download size. 

7.1 Story 

Episode One: Evil Unleashed or All Hell Breaks Loose 
You are a soldier in the UAAF (United Aerospace Armed Forces) assigned to the secondary military research base on the darkside of the giant moon Tei Tenga (nicknamed “the Butt End of Space”).  You and four friends are having a game of cards in the hangar bay.  One of your friends leaves to go on shift. 
Meanwhile, the research team are doing experiments at the anomalies found on the moon.  There is a flash of horrible light and energy and two gates open at equidistant points on the moon’s surface, the larger of the two at the lightside.  Every awake is quickly killed.  One reaching for the alarm button has his hand chopped off.  Briefly your friend is grabbed, his hat falling off in the lab.  Then they spread out through the airducts and possessing sleeping people with magic. 
A short while later, a strange alien creature bursts into the room.  (“What the hell?”)  A fight ensures.  Whoever’s left in your squad investigates the base, where a dark tale begins to unfold.  A bunch of small hostile alien creatures have invaded the base.  Strange symbols are drawn everywhere in the blood of dead soldiers and scientists.  The more you go forward, the stranger and grosser the walls become.  One your way, you find your friend’s cap. 
After you make it to the control lab.  You also find a gate to another place in the wreckage of what was a containment chamber.  One the other side, you find two huge beasts in a circular natural rock canyon and the remains of the lab team.  Between the beasts is your friend and they quarter him.  You defeat the beasts, turn to leave, only to find the hole closing!  You’re trapped here!  You climb the rock walls, and look at your surroundings from the top of this extinct volcano: “Oh, hell…” 

 7.2 Actors 


These actors appear on episode one: 
Other players 
 Other players will look similar, but their suits will be of different colors.  Other color changes will reflect different weapons and in the commercial game, helmets. 

Demon-Possessed Humans 
 Once human, these poor folks were possessed in their sleep.  Their uniforms can be palette changed to reflect different behavior. 

Flying Imps 
 Annoying little bastards, the imps come in different flavors, with later ones firing spikes and fire. 

Demon Troops 
 These guys do a lot of damage up close.  Later Troops cast magic. 

Demon Sargeants 
 These guys do a lot more damage up close.  Later sargeant cast floor-boiling magic. 

Bruiser Brothers 
 Twin terrors at the end of episode one, these guys do the following: 
 (Insert interesting description of behavior and how they are beat here.) 

7.3 Unique Bits 

Unique to this episode are the following things. 


The bases on the planet Tei Tenga used to be the glory posts, but lack of progress with the research has cased money to be funneled away to the point of its current staff – a group of dedicated, almost messianic scientists and a skeleton crew of security people. 

 The two bases are Lightside and darkside: the planet does not rotate, so there is no day or night.  The anomalies being studied are on the planet’s magnetic poles. 

Intro Cinematic 

The intro cinematic goes like this (a lot of pictures are repeated, so don't worry): 
 View from space of planet (ballmapped): 
 Military research base, moon Tei Tenga (rotates) 
 (shows "Lightside" and "darkside", then rotates to darkside and zooms in and fades out) 
 Zoom into room with live guys playing cards. Small pictures of each of their eyes blinking, looking to other side. Back to main view. 
 Dacote: I'm out. I gotta go on duty anyway. See you guys. 
 Petro: Pay-up or die, Buddy. 
 Dacote (leaving, door shuts): I'll pay you after my shift, Petro. I got some money hid. 
 View of side of moon. Sparks and red light at both bases. 
Lorelei: Would you go, Paramo? 
 See frightened faces of lab guys, flashed and faded out. 
 Close-up on eyes again. 
 Paramo: Leave me alone. 
 Hand reaches for alarm, chopped off (Both in strobe flash.) 
 Thi Barrett: Such an indecisive wimp, eh Chen? 
 Paramo: Stow it, Barrett. All right, I’ll go ... (pause) gimme all your twos. 
 Buddy looks back and forth in strobe, see demon claw behind him. 
 See players in silhouette as door to room opens behind them with backlit demon. 
 Flash of their terrified faces. 
 Close-up of demon's eyes fades down to title background. Goes to credits. 
 Credits roll over demon face. 
 Face scales toward screen as it fades out. 

End Cinematic 

The end cinematic shows the dead twin demons. Cut to close up of player, then comment from other live players. (Actually, probably just shot of them atop cliff, and just drawing the ones left.) 
 Show parallaxing pan of Hell. 
 Cut to player close-up: "Oh, hell... 
 Short credit-like roll hyping Doom 2 over scary demon lord's face. Eyes open and big word "Doom" appears masked over it. Fade to black. 
 Go to high scores, then Demo Loop. 


Go through Depot 2, Mess toOfficers' Quarters. Get a Colonel's Hand. Use the Colonel's Hand to get into the control center. Get through Power Plant maze and trip the breakers. Power turns on. Use the Colonel's hand to gain access to the Lab (though monorail system, which is dangerous, because there's a lot of demons and not a lot of health) or through main lab entrance. Fight your way through the lab to the Anomaly passage, using the Colonel's Hand. Go down there, and kick some twin demon butt. 

  Episode One 

This section will show the allocation of puzzles, traps, and POs (photo opportunities, denoted by a Ä ) in the areas of episode one. There should be at least one of each per floor. Every area should have interesting stuff to go and explore, if not vital stuff to obtain. Otherwise, why is it there? Why isn't something cool there instead? Oh, yeah, easter eggs are noted with a ª. 

Graphic Descriptions 

 Each building has one of these, describing which style of walls are present, and the kind of feeling, mood, and detail I am looking for. 
 Old: mining colony original structures, made by Porta-Bild Inc, makers of the Snap-Snug line of generic economy pressurized buildings.  Some of the shabby, Jabba places in Star Wars, Aliens.  (Except looks stuck together.) 
 UAC: Bright shiny, high-tech buildings by StarStruct, Inc.  2001 and Star Wars’ Imperial stuff. 

 Mine: Shabby, old, sturdy supports in a energy-carved mine, along with the natural caves in which the anomaly was found.  Gray, red, and brown granites and the like. 
 Demon: The demons have made some areas more “like home.”  You know sorta Art Decomposed.  Everything is harsh sharp rock, with living organs in the walls, plus the occasional glowing bit or tortured soul. 


Hangar Two 
 The secondary hangar fell into disuse after the glamour faded from the Tei Tenga bases. It now stores used up equipment, junk, and the room where the soldiers play cards. Sunk into wall of canyon. You can see out a window on the second floor. 
 The hangar has become grungy since it has fallen into disuse. 
 Graphic Description: Hangar is UAC style. However, since it has fallen into disuse, it is slightly shabbed-out UAC, with the occasional dripline of oil or rust. Not everything is perfectly ordered. Stains on floor of hangar. 
 Large Storage Area: a lot of stuff on palettes. Storage canisters. 
 Toilet: standard toilet, three stalls. ª Easter Egg: stand in front of toilet close door, wait (if you have speech 'n' sound pack)-peeing sound. 
 Elevator: standard fare, only one. If you stay on the elevator long enough, 
 computer voice sounds (“Please do not loiter on the elevator. Thank you.”). 
 Dispatcher Desk: desk of the dispatcher. 
 Elevators: from hangar bay. 
 Monorail: just to depot. One track. You can go this way if you want. 
Ground Floor 
 Hangar Bay: Huge room, with the odd crate. On floor huge 2's and track for landing ship. Crane above. Crane operator booth opposite doors. It may be possible to open the doors after the power is turned on. Two big elevator platforms can lower to basement if power is on. 
 Main Exit: Leads on a path to Supply Depot Two. 
 Equipment Room: Locked up Forklift thing, Storage stuff. 
 Depot Office: Official and messy looking room. 
 Break Room: Messy, microwave, cabinets, tables, Rolleeä chairs. 
 Toilets: Stalls have swinging doors (to show that off) 
 Elevator: to second and basement floors. 

Second Floor 
 ª Hangar Control Room: where they meet to play cards. Large crate surrounded by small crates. Cards drawn on top of crate. In this room there should be 4-minus-the-number-of-players bodies on the floor. Can have personal palettes corresponding to who isn't playing. Map on wall with flashing problem areas. Should be at end of hallway, so demons are on your way out. Player starts here. 
 Offices: your basic futuristic offices. Desk, screen on wall, cabinets. 
 Toilets: need to figure out a generic toilet area to paste everywhere. 
 Equipment Room: one of the first place to get items. 
 Communications Room: Neat-o computers set into wall. One extruded control desk. 
 Elevator. Goes between three floors. Should have up and down and number indicators, maybe a place for lights to go by like in Star Trek. 
 Crane Operation: View window out toward crane. Extruded control desk. 
 Window in hallway: you can see out onto the surface, and the sky. Perhaps a ª here. 

Supply Depot Two 
Still used as a storage depot, but not as active as the main supply depot. Holds lots of stuff. 
 Graphic Description: The supply depot is UAC, in normal UAAF shape because stuff is still routed from here to the other buildings on the base. The monorail tunnels are dull and utilitarian. 
 Monorail Switcher: from hangar two the underground circuit's two rail system. 
 Storekeeper's Office: The guy who actually dispenses materiel. 
 Guard/Operator Desk: Controls access to monorail switcher and elevators. 
 Ground Floor 
 Storage: Huge rooms, possibly crate maze, or at least important stuff hidden behind crates. Equivalent of a motor pool is here. Health items hidden in maze. Massive freight platforms travel to second floor and basement. 
Second Floor 
 More storage, with maze containing storage crates with weapons. Outside, part of the running track rests on the building 

Waste Processing Facility 
 Processes all the waste for the whole facility, splits it into water, nutrients for the lab's gardens, solid fuel, and a bit of unusable waste which is either jettisoned from the dome or used by the cook. 
 Graphic Description: This is UAC: pristine on the upper level, but basement is very grungy near the gross parts. They try to keep it clean, but you know. 
 Basement tunnel to the Mess Hall. Huge vats of processing waste. Too bad we are not in Smell-O-Vision. Billions of bacteria are converting the waste to nicer substances. Waste processing tanks are large, round, flat deals with a large arm that slowly traces the radius of the tank. (If no animation, then just bubble the liquid a bit like it is moving.) 
Ground Floor 
 Offices are quite spiffy and neat, in direct contrast to the basement. 

Enlisted Quarters 
 Where all the grunts, including our soldiers, sleep, shower, and shit. Have their names on some lockers, perhaps, or have the lockers respond to them. There are five soldiers for each shower and toilet. 
 Graphic Description: UAC, but less nurnie covered, because it is just a box to stick people in. Each desk unit will have electronics, but walls are walls. 
Ground Floor 
 Murphy Beds, Murphy Desks, Lockers, Showers, Bathrooms, Tons of possessed humans. Lots of dead guys. Elevator to roof. Some items in lockers. Horrible massacre in shower. There is an access hallway to the monorail system, used to transfer laundry. 
Second Floor 
 An elevator goes down to the quarters. Control box by it. There is a running track going from here to the training center. They want to keep all the grunts out of the way, and maintain space efficiency. 

 Communications tower, this contains a huge antenna, comm equipment, and soon. This is usually inhabited by robots (non during the game, or at least game one), and is just jam-packed with dangerous technology (as underneath the efficiency of the UAC design, the nuts and bolts are sucky, from committees and 
 cost-cutting (profit-increasing) measures. Also, only robots are gonna see it, right? 
 Graphic Desctiption: This is UAC, but is only meant to be traversed by service  
robots. The foolish person who enters will find tech dangers up the wazoo. Electrical flashes, fields, and many other problems are in here. This is really what the UAC stuff looks like underneath the surface. Check out them circuit boards, then futurize 'em, dangle some dangerous wires from the ceiling, and you got the idea. 

Ground Floor 
 Supervisor Room: One supervisor is here to keep a human in the loop for all the robotic maintenance, to guard the place, and to handle special situations. 
 Maze: This is just one intense maze of tech problems. The player, if brave, can make it to the Robot Elevator Tube. On the way are many demon corpses. 
Second Floor 
 The second floor houses even more horrible tech traps. Some demons are here, wounded already. Can they stutter-walk programmatically? Anyway, you must deal with tech-traps and demons. In a part of the maze is a CRT running through communications messages, some detailing very criminal proceedings by the UAC. 
 Tech traps, demons, and at the end of it, an awesome weapon. Either the missile launcher, or tons of heat-seeking missiles for it. Probably the latter-we want everyone to see the cool missiles. 

Recreation and Training Center 
Where the approved recreational activities take place, and where the soldiers train. 
 Graphic Description: This is really high tech and cool. Everything is very efficient and some bits of the basement are actually stylish. UAC plus some sense of style. 
 This contains the recreational facilities and the chapel. 
 ª Chapel/Theater: Hourly sermons of different religions, and wall panels are changed to the style of that religion by operating a control in the corner. 
 Enlisted Club: Contains place for drinking, plus a video game place in the comer. The vidwalls do not operate until the power is on. Could have demos of future Id games/projects, like Aliens and Movement. 
 Officers' Club: Contains drinking area and place for gambling. You cannot enter this area without the Colonel's Hand (Officers' Quarters). There's a Stim-Pack cache and a neat collector's pistol, if we can have weapon quality. If not just some cool stuff, even if it doesn't fit. 
 Storage Room: Accessible from the hallway or the kitchen. Contains supplies for the kitchen and chapel. 
 Club Storage: Contains alcoholic supplies, Stim-Packs, crates, tables, chairs, and so on. 
 Monorail: Connects to Control Center. 
 Big Elevator: Goes to Training level and up to track. 
 Ground Floor 
 Entrance: Check-in Desk, entrance to Men's and Women's lockers. Behind desk is access to big elevator. 
 Men's and Women's Lockers: Locker rooms. A few open cabinets may have supplies in them. Access to big elevator, so they can go to the track. 
 Gym: A bunch of gymnastic equipment, exercise floor, etc. are here. Unrenderable ones could have pictorial symboled cabinets that are locked. 
 Shooting Range: If the player shoots at a target, demons come out of the darkness behind it and attack. 
 Therapist: Hot tubs, rub down tables, etc. for the injured soldier. One for women, one for men. (You know, in Display PostScript, that looks like "the rapist.”) 
 Simulator: Huge screen simulator, probably can't get it out of title loop, because that would require a lot of art. One for women, one for men. 
 Weight Room: Futuristic extruded Nautilus stuff that is renderable. 
 Aerobic Training Room: Big area, too bad we can't do mirrors (problem without player anims in download anyway). 
Second Floor 
 Ä This is a track area, with jump pits, dash tracks, and the big running track.(Can we mess up the sand in the jump pit?) 

 Where everyone eats. 'Mere are kitchens, and a pipeline to the Waste Processing Plant. 
 Graphic Description: This building houses both messes, the kitchens, and the laundry. It is UAC, and the walls are about as sparse as the quarters. The halls look cool, because visitors might walk through them.  
Ground Floor 
 Large mess halls (the smaller for the officers) plus a tunnel to the Control Center. In the mess halls are elevators to the kitchen.  
 Kitchens: Lots of kitchen stuff, cabinets, industrial microwaves. Also, there is a tunnel to the waste processing plant for organic garbage. 
 Stores: Food storage lockers all over. 
 Ä Freezer: A bunch of frozen guys, perhaps with frozen blood drippings, who got wounded, tried to hide here, and froze to death. 
 Laundry: A bunch of extruded washing machines. Huge demon/human melee here. Maybe some bits hanging out of machines. Lots of demons left, too! 
 Monorail: goes to officers' and enlisted quarters. Side tunnel heads to ammo room. 

Officers' Quarters 
The COs stay here. It's a bit nicer than the enlisted place, and a locked door leads to the Ammo Storage. 
  Graphic Description: Similar to the enlisted in overall technology and feel, but this is just nicer to the inhabitants. Stalls in the bathroom for toilets, privacy walls for each bed and desk. 
Ground Floor 
 Nice beds, desks, bathrooms, and such. There is an amazingly gross massacre in the quarters. With rotations, there are a bunch of hands impaled on a pike (under a light to highlight it even more), with a pile of hands around it. These are the Colonels' Hands (and many other officers' hands), and they get you into secure areas. All the carnage surrounds it in sort of a blast pattern. Some of it is sprites, some drawn on the floor. I was thinking about a passcard, but this stands out, and is gross and unsettling. The object will be shown on the alternate character status screen. 
 There's an access elevator to the monorail system (for laundry), but the massacre prevents passage (the door is trashed). There are also guest rooms here for VIPs. 

Personal Storage 
 Lucky is the player who figures out how to get in here. There is just lots of stuff here to shoot demons with. You definitely need the Colonel's Hand, the power must be on, and you must find the side passage off the monorail system by the quarters. 
 Graphic Description: The store room is grungy UAC. It isn't techy, and some panels are missing. (Which will be weird, because uncovered holes will actually be patches on the wall.) 
 Ä Monorail Side Passage: A passage from the monorail system, accessible with power on and the Colonel's Hand. On the walls are cheesecake calendars (how graphic it is depends on what rating the player has chosen). There are crates and storage containers loaded with ammo. A ladder or elevator leads to the upper compartment. (It's a good P.O. for ads, as they will go "I've never seen that!") 
Ground Floor 
 The door to the upper compartment is sparking and malfunctioning. There is fancy officer stuff here, including the Sawed-off shotgun, which has a wider radius of damage. An elevator goes down to the monorail area. 

Control Center/Power Plant 
This is the gateway between the everyday side of the base and the restricted, secret, much-coveted-by-the-player side. 
 Graphic Description: Ooh, so high tech UAC. This is the super-functional, important heart of the base. 
Contains the tunnel to the restricted side of the base. 
 Ä Main Power Plant: mazey, full of tech puzzles. Must be navigated to turn on breakers, so power will run to base. 
  Tool Shop: where everything is repaired (short cut to first breaker here for those with a Colonel's Hand). 
Brig: where naughty soldiers go. Some trapped possessed humans here. Weapons in a locker here. 
Ground Floor 
 On the normal side, hallways lead to Depot Two, Rec/Training, and Mess. 
 To get through the main security gates, you need a Colonel's Hand. Through these gates are the hospital, the elevators, and a second set of gates for the passage to the other side. 
 Operations: Offices of the nexus of paper pushing and bureaucracy. Many dead. 
 Hospital: Gee, would there be medikits here? How about a lot of possessed humans, too? Beds, readouts on wall, cabinets, examination rooms. 
 Guard Post: guards second set of gates, and coordinates guard activity. 
 Offices and Storage: and so, desks and crates. Demon problems, guarding ammo and supplies. Offices handle communications stuff. Could have readout say that something is missing from tower once you get weapons or mess with info CRT. 

 Set up for the study of Fire Dust, the anomaly, the moon, and so on. Also contains some experiments best carried out away from the mainstream. 
 Graphic Description: The lab is mostly UAC, although it was built around the original miners' refinery and processing plant (right half of basement and ground floor). 
 In the basement are some nasty demons. This area is where you must be hit by a nasty demon so hard that you fly atop a ledge. This leads to the Observatory. The entrance to the Anomaly Building is here, loaded with the nasties, as you'd expect. 
 Refinery: Some of this is intact. About a third to a half has been eerily taken over by demons and turned into a hellish cavern. From the refinery side, you can just see demon walls blocking the hallway. (Maybe some fire dust in them.) 
 Fire Dust Processing: the Fire Dust was collected and separated here before it was shipped off-planet. 
 Science Computer Lab: contains the complex's science-related computers. A lot of NeXT-looking computers. 
Ground Floor 
 Main labs for studies. Right half of the building is the old building, and tests are being conducted on all of their equipment and possessions to see what prolonged exposure means to people. 
 Computer Lab: NeXTs, and screens relate to each part of the base. 
Guard Desk: One last outpost before the gates leading to the Anomaly building. 
Fire Dust Labs: they are screwing with fire dust in every way imaginable. 
 Guard Post: Surrounds tunnel to Anomaly building. Need a Colonel's Hand. 
 (Many of the hand-access doorlocks will have bloody handprints-demons ain't stupid, either.) 
Second Floor 
 Ä Gardens, both hydroponic and terraformed. Provides some of the base's food supply. This area is mazey and obscured by plants, so it is scary! 
 Experiment Labs: labs here are dedicated to anti-matter weapons, fusion weapons, nuclear weapons, radiation tests on animals, and incredible weapons research. 
 Gate to Observatory: to get over this gate, you must do something very clever. This combined impact will launch you over the gate. A control on the other side opens it. 

 It is an observatory, but full of nasty demons and lots of treasure. Imps got here easily, and have set up their supplies here. 
 Graphic Description: This is UAC covered with demon stuff. 
Ground Floor 
 There are extruded computers and a bunch of metal that led as a stairway upstairs (where you can never get). All the stuff is covered in demon hieroglyphics and goo. An elevator leads down. 
 Once a store room, there are a bunch of powerups and weapons. Some powerups don't help, because theyll wear off before you get back to use them, unless you ran to the elevator past the demons in the room. 

Supply Depot One 
 The main supply depot everything that comes off a ship is stored here, then routed through the underground tunnels to the other buildings. 
 Graphic Description: This is UAC, but more functional, and dingier as you get to the back of the storage areas. Bigger hangar, this contains a big crate maze full of awful demon traps and powerups. 
 Access to the underground tunnel network is here. 
 Ä Monorail, Two elevators, guard desk, Storage Cage, and Offices. 
Ground Floor 
 From the Control Center, you pass by an office, two large elevator platforms, a guard desk, and can see the storage cage and anomaly gate and guard post. 
Second Floor 
 Two guard posts and two big elevator platforms dominate the main room that leads to the main hangar, whose entrance is fried and unreachable, unless we just want to have a cool "ship-in-the-bay" photo opportunity. 
 Crate Maze: lots of demons and powerups. If we can, I'd like to somehow have a survivor here, who runs from the player, and speaks of how everyone was possessed. Could be left out of download version, since he'd look like a player. 
 Then again, nah. 

 In the bowels of this structure is the anomaly itself, and the entrance to the hell canyon. You can only reach this structure from the lab's basement. 
 Graphic Description: The top floor is old miner style. The elevator is UAC. Guard emplacements surround it. The walls are just way thick in the building. The lower level starts as a mine and grows more demonic as you near the anomaly. 
 The caves of Tei Tenga, where Fire Dust was first found and collected. Tons of demons are here, swarming about. The gate and the canyon await the player. Some of the original tunnels are blocked by demon goo, making the way circuitous. Luckily, there are signs and sections to help you. Horrors await around every comer. Fire dust covers the walls near the anomaly. The hall to the Canyon glows red. The canyon is frightening demonic rock. 
 Canyon: here are the two Bruiser Brothers demons. Defeat them and you win! 
Ground Floor 
 Guard emplacements, an elevator, and thick, concrete walls. 

Main Hangar 
 Where ships usually fly in. You can here from Supply Depot One, if you find the access tunnel. There's a lot of neat junk in here. 
 Graphic Description: This will probably be cut, so I won't waste time on describing it. 
Ground Floor 
You can get to a window and see a cool ship, but you can't get to it 'cause then there would be rotations... 
Second Floor 

   Episode One 

This section will show all the things that need to be drawn for objects in EpisodeOne. It will list them in three categories: Vital, Desired, and Non-Vital. Vitalgraphics must be completed for the game to be completed. 

V Title Screen 
V Credits pic 
Intro Cinematic 
 V Moon surface 
 V Four players sitting around crate playing cards (background, foreground) 
 V Foreground players in silhouette, backwall, elevator opens anim 
 N Close-ups of each of four player’s eyes 
End Cinematic 
 V Hell skyline 
 V Four (masked pix) faces of people, perhaps with hair flapping... 
Choice Screens 
 V Four small pix of faces (4 x 4 ebes) 
 V Four standing pix of people (5 x 3 ebes) 

Weapons (Floor items and helmet view window items) 
V  Knife 
V  Machine Pistol 
D  Officer’s Pistol (nice shiny pistol, could be wall patch) 
V  Shotgun 
D  Sawed-off shotgun (hidden in personal storage) 
V  Automatic machine gun 
V  Missile launcher 
V  10-Bullet Clip 
V  4-missile Cartridge 
V  4 Heat-seaking missiles cartridge 

Gettable Items 
V  Stim-Pack 
V  Medikit 
V  Blood receptacle 
V  Dagger 
V  Chi Gem 
V  Unholy Bible 
V  Soul Sphere, Jar 
 D   Infrared Scanner 
N   Sonar 
V   Three levels of armor 
N   Demon armor 
V   Four different shield packs 
N   Lots of demonic shapes large enough to have two letters on them (will have hieroglyphics on them) 
V Lacerated bloody hand 

Object Sprites 
V   Rollee chairs 
V   Storage Canister (Use it, and it collapses, revealing contents) 
D   Crane on ceiling 
V   Tables 
D   Oval cylinder tanks to be seen off in distance in parallax 
V   Dangling wires 
V   Electrical zapper thing on ceiling (anims so you know if its active) 
V   Bunch of destroyed, bent metal things (garbage that blocks your way) 

V   Puff of smoke and crate chunks animation for blowing open crates 
V   Beefy chunklets flying off missile-exploded enemies 
V   Shot hits object 
V   Shot hits enemy 
V   Shield hit by something it can deflect (1st and 3rd person view) 
V   Shield overloaded (1st and 3rd) 
V   Sparking of an electronic thingy shorting 
V   Storage container collapsing 
V   Gate 
V   Spinning black demon head (does damage to you if it hits) 

V   Demon hieroglyphics 
V   Wall damage 
V   Bloodstains 
V   Bloody handprints 
V   Open panels 
V   Rust oil (for older stuff) 
V   Switches 
V   Big breaker switch 
V   Buttons 
V   Hand access pads 
V   Player on local map on wall 
 V Flashing area of problems 
V Pictorial signs of all the places (Hangar, Depot, Storekeeper, etc.) 
D Symbolic pix of different religions 
V Nudie calendar on wall (versions for each rating level, scaled GIF) 
D Vidgame screens 

Extruded Shapes 
V   Ceiling-tall stack of storage crates 
V   Storage Crate (shoot it, destroys it and contents spill) 
V   Crate with cards on it 
V   Bathroom (stall, bench, toilet, door, hand dryers) 
V   Desks (screens inset, light non-functonal drawers) 
V   Control consoles 
V   Computer banks 
V   NeXTs extruded out of desktops (maybe Cubes on floor) 
V   Beds 
V   Washers/dryers 
V   Control box for platform 
V   Benches for locker rooms, other places 
D   Science experiment containment blocks 

V   Four to eight generic floors 
V   Metal with lights on side 
V   Monorail track 
V   Monorail switcher 
V   Big 2 for hangar 
V   Track in hangar 
V   Moon surface: gray-brown 
V   Pathway between buildings 
V   Inside cabinet 
V   Running track surface 
V   Running track edge 
V   Tile floor for bathroom 
V   Waste processing vats 
V   Shower drain 

V   Four to eight generic ceilings 
V   Metal with lights on edge 
V   Metal, lights in middle 
V   Fluorescent lights 
V   Inside cabinet 
V   Shower ceiling 

V  Metal walls: four to eight tech types 
V  Metal walls with big UAAF Logo 
V  Metal walls with panels 
V  Metal walls with base map 
V  Outside of buildings 
V  Cabinets 
V  Lockers 
V  Inside elevators (walls, panel, maybe place for lights to go by) 
V Monorail Tunnel walls 
V  Freezer Door 
D  Microwave, drink machine in wall 
V  CRT w/incriminating text 
D   Bared electronics walls 
V  Vidwalls for Enlisted Club 
V  Cabinets and bar over each other for clubs 
V  Large vidwalls for simulator 
V  Privacy walls for officers 
N  Ladder (probably in 3) 
V  Throbbing power core-type walls 
V  WA to have big breaker switch on 
V  Windows (so you can see bay, etc) 

V Concrete walls of anomaly enclosure 
V Gray wall 
V  Brown-gray wall 
V  Red-black wall 
V  Mine supports 

V Moon canyon walls (at least two different ones) 
V Starry sky 
V  Hell canyon walls 

V  Double door: ten-feet wide 
V  Three-feet wide 
V  Two-feet wide 
V  Elevator: Split four feet wide 
V  Elevator-. Split eight feet wide 
V  Toilets: swinging doors to stalls 

Actors and Related Sprites 
 V   Player 
V   Possessed Human (could put new clothes on and digitize for registered) 
V   Massacred humans 
V   Pile of hands with pike in center stuck through a bunch of hands (40-60 hands) 
V   Imp 
V   Demon 1 
V   Demon2 
V   Boss 
V   Dead players at beginning 
V   Dead demon on floor 

 7.3.3 DOOM SOUNDS: 
   Episode One 

This section lists all the digitized sounds. They are categorized by Download, Vital,and Non-Vital. 

V  Knife Swipe 
V  Knife Hit 
V  Pistol Shot 
V  Shotgun blast 
V  Automatic Machine Gun burp 
V  Missile Launch 
V  Bullet Hits Wall 
V  Bullet Hits Metal 
V  Bullet Hits Glass? 
V  Item blows up 
V  Shot hits monster 
V  Door open 
V  Door close 
V Elevator at floor 
V  Switch flip 
V  Walking on gravel 
V  Maybe walking and running (would add a lot of realism to feel) 
V  Player hit 
V  Player hits wall 
V  Player hits floor 
V  Rollee Chair rolling 
V  Rollee Chair hitting something 
V  Warning klaxon 
V  Demon roars (maybe animal roars backwards or overlaid) 
V  Big demon hooves walking 
V  Demon dies 
V  Guy dies 
V  Big ceiling-extrusion press slamming down 
V  Electric spark zapping 
V  Sound of Buddy being ripped in two 
V  Elevator hum 
V  Elevator platform moving 
D  Waste plant arm sweeping 

Speech (we should get the NeXT lady for these) 
V Panel, Bad Hand: "Access Denied-Officers and Essential Personnel Only' 
 V  Panel, Hand OK- "Access Granted" 
V  "You are here." 
V  "Power Failure. Please send a maintenance supervisor to the power plant." 
V  "Danger-'This area is unsafe." 
D  "Warning: radiation leak. Please call HM team." (Hazardous Materials) 
V  "Second Floor" 
V  "Ground Floor" 
V  "Basement" 

D  Speeches in intro and outro cinematics. 
 7.4 MAPS 

Here are the episode one maps. 


Level One: Secondary Hangar 

!7 Start of Level 
1 Dehuman 
2 Dehuman 
3 Demon troop 
4 Switch 
5 Demon troop 
6 Shotgun

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