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1.DOOM Command Line Parameters

You can run Doom with the following parameters:

DOOM /bugs   All debug keys enabled
DOOM /mem   Show mem readout in scope or report window
DOOM /EPISODE=x  Run episode number x (must have /bugs)
DOOM /LEVEL=x  Run absolute level x (           )
DOOM /END=x  Go to end cinematic of episode x
DOOM /lothar Run Ep 1, Level 1 in god mode w infinite shots
DOOM /backdoor  Skip copy protection on commercial
DOOM /instore  Runs demo loop until turned off
DOOM /follow  Routine names printed in readout window
DOOM /diagnostic Upper two windows show diagnostic info
DOOM /bubbies  Replace all actors with naked women
DOOM /prude  Cancels effects of bubbies parameters

DOOM /drunk  Occasionally invokes the bubbies mode

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