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A. Glossary 

Aardwolf. A maned striped mammal (Proteles cristatus) of southern and eastern 
Africa that resembles the related hyenas and feeds chiefly on carrion and insects. 
 The aardwolf has sort of become the mascot of Id, appearing on Tom's Gotta 
Lists and the Commander Keen 6 Hint Sheet. 


         The Aardwolf
And. Logical operation that evaluates to true only if both operators are true. So if 
Tom and John are in the office, it is true that no work gets done. 

Blit. In general, stuff data somewhere, but usually means draw to screen. Often 
implies as fast as possible. Usage: "'The calculations take little time compared to 
blitting the whole game window." 

Delce. Alfonso's utility to shab together and decompress a file that has been Ice-d 
onto a bunch of disks. Written mostly in a night, with Tom breathing over John's 
shoulder, saying things like, "What if they pull the disk out at this point?" 
 Perhaps the coolest install ever. 

DeltaFrac. Cool people know what this means. Right, Adrian? 

DoomEd. Tom's name for the Doom Map Editor. 

Exclusive-Or. Logical operation that evaluates to true only if only one or the other of 
the operators are true. So if either Tom or John are in the office-but not both of 
 them, it is true that someone may be masturbating in the office bathroom. 

Hag Spot. Location of the oldest member of Id. Related to the "Tag Spot," the place 
on a wall corner that Carmack's cat Mitzi suddenly runs at, rubs her declawed paws 
on, then runs past. Also, the "Shag Spot" is where Adrian is. 

lce. John Romero's dandy Installation Creation Editor. Allows anything that’s been 
zip2exe-D (or whatever) to be chopped up onto separate disks, waiting longingly to 
be reunited with its brethren. 
 The new version will use IdPack, and not require that silly Wisconsinite's 

IGrab. You grab, we all grab with IGrab. Seventeen projects later, IGrab lies with 
four stakes and ten silver bullets in its heart. Used by shab companies. 

Lumpy. At 2:03am,Oct 20, l992,we were trying to think of a new name for SGrab,our Vga graphic grabber. Romero said "Lumpy," and it was love. 

Muse. Torture in the form of an executable. Oh, yeah, you can edit PC and AdLib 
sounds in it. And import music. And see a digitized sound import that doesn't do 
anything. And see funny blue lines march across your screen. And save out five 
meg sound files. And have two red lines that show the end of the sound. And see a 
red line and no sound, though you can play it. And have all the maximum values 
suddenly disappear. All these features, and no damn cut and paste! For a fuckin' 
year!!! (But i'm not bitter ... ) 

Patches. We don't need no stinking patches... 

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. The longest word in the English 
language. It means "Blacklung," the disease miners get from inhaling coal dust. 

ShowKill. Type "SK filename.LBM" to view LBMS. If you want to get that LBM off 
your hard drive, press “D”. 

SK  See ShowKill. 

SpeedView. Know as “SV” to CLI typers, SpeedView will view a text file, examine it 
as hex, search for keywords, and view multiple files. Just type “SV filename.TXT”. 
 So damn useful. 
 On the IBM. 

SV. See SpeedView. 

Ted. The Tilemap EDitor, laid to rest in 1992, after five resurrections. Failing his 
 System Shock, Ted's dead. 
 Ted was used in an amazing fifteen Id projects before it was laid to rest. It 
continues to be used by other outside developers. Ted is like an old friend that 
passed away -- and messed up memory with its "Display Unused Tiles" function 
before he left 
 So many functions, so many uses, such a slow pattern flood fill -- Ted was where 
I lived for over a year. It’s time to move on -- though I may bed down with other 
programs, none will touch me like my first. I feel enough time has passed and I can 
now admit the truth-Ted popped my Id development tool cherry. 
 Yes, forty-five functions, twenty-seven hotkey commands, two of which Tom 
used: F9 and Alt-X. 
 Ted, oh ted, my Belov-ed, i can't get you outta my head. I may now use the tool 
DoomEd, but i am sorry you are dead. 

WAD. Composite data file. Means "Where's All the Data?" 

WadLink. Carmack's name for the WAD linker. 


Here are the commonly used Id file extensions (as in "Filename.xxx", where xxx is 
the extension). 

.DMx  File for Doom Episode x 
.LMP  Individual Lump file 
.LSC  Script file for Lumpy the grabber 
.WAD  Composite Datafile made of lumps 
.WLK  Link script used by WadLink 

C. Utilities 

C1. Lumpy 

Lumpy grabs and links together lumps of related graphics. 


lumpy [-s] [-pl filename 
 -S  force separate files 
 -P  wait for a keypress after each grab command 

Filename should be the root (no extension) of the picture (.LBM) to be grabbed. 
The script file (.SCR) is read in and parsed, causing lumps to be grabbed off the 
screen and saved into an output “WAD” (“.WAD”, as in “Where's ALl the Data?”)file. 

If the -s option is used, or the first command in the script file is "$SEPARATE", the 
lumps are each saved to a separate file, rather than being combined into a WAD. 


lumpy [-pl filename.lbm lumpfile grabcommand (parameters] 

This allows you to grab one lump off of a screen without a script file. 


; Comments can be uses at the beginning of a line, 
; or after a command's parms. Whitespace can be introduced 
; anywhere, but a command cannot cross lines. 


Force lumps to be saved in separate files, rather than a WAD. If present, this must 
be the first command in the script. 

lumpname        grabcommand      [parameters] 
for WAD files, lumpname must be 0-8 chars. 


Filename RAW      x y width height 
 An unadorned raw block of pixels. 

Filename PALETTE [startcolor endcolor] 
 The VGA palette, all 256 by default. 

Filename PIC x y width height [orgx orgy [hitxl hityl hitxh hityh]] 
 A planar pic, with optional origin offsets. 

Filename LPIC x y width height [orgx orgy [hitxl hityl hitxh hityh]] 
 A linear pic, with optional origin offsets. 

Filename FONT startchar endehar [startchar endchar [...]] 
 A proportional font, possible skipping ranges of characters. Looks for 
guidelines to determine the font height. 

Filename PATCH x y width height [orgx orgy] 
 A post-based shape for 3-D engine. 

Filename PATCH255 x y width height [orgx orgy] 
 A post-based shape for 3-D engine, with mask color 255. 

C2. WadLink 

Wadlink links together lumps from Lumpy and Wads previously "wadded up" by 


wadlink [-b] [-source path] [-dest path] [-script scriptfile] 

-b     Force a full rebuild of the file, rather than a file-bulking partial update. 

-source path  To place the source for the files in another directory. 

-dest path  To place the linked file in another directory. 

-script file  The script name defaults to “WADLINIK.WLN” if not specified. 

WadLINK alone will load WADFILE.WLN as the script file, get files from the 
current directory, and write the output file in the current directory. 


; Comments can be used at the beginning of a line, or after 
; a command's parameters. Whitespace can be introduced 
; anywhere, but a command cannot cross lines. 

$OUTNAME   filename 
Names the output data file. This must be the first command. 

Adds the given file to the output file. If this is a partial build and the file is present 
and current in the existing output file, the existing version is used. 

$OPENWAD   filename 
Opens a WAD (composite data file). Data files after this are looked for in the WAD 
file, rather than in the source directory. Lumpy generates a single composite file 
for each LBM. 

Closes the WAD file. Data files after this are looked for in the source directory. 
Issuing an $OPENWAD will automatically close an open WAD file. 

$LABEL                      lumpname 
Creates an empty, named lump to be used as a marker. 


During a partial link, if a lump has grown it will be added on to the end of the file, 
leaving wasted space behind. You should periodically use the 11-B" option to force a 
rebuild from scratch. 

C3. DoomEd 

DoomEd edits maps used with the Doom engine. Based on the NeXT demo 
“Draw,” DoomEd has been customized to handle levels, show textures mapped on 
walls, fill with textures, and so on. 

C4. Other Command Line Utilities 


Spits out information contained in a wad to text screen. (Pipeable, of course.) It 
also details wasted space from partial relinks. 

spitwad wadfile[.WADI [startlurap# endlurnp#] 

All the lumps in the WAD will be listed. You may specify start and end lump 
 If there's a need, SpitWad might have the added feature of extracting lumps— 
but there's not one now. 


Takes the Doom viewscreen and finds the exact boundaries. With this info, it sets 
up data for the program so it will draw within the window. 

viewdo [screename[.LBM]] 

If no screen name is specified, it defaults to "PLAYSCRN.LBM". 

Outputs "VIEWINFO.LMP", which contains screen boundary information. 

Names for a utility john never wrote: Checurve, RuleView, Raterra, CurveCop, 
Anglathe, OhTopos, SeeSlope, Scangle, Scanc (scan contour),Testcurv, Contrace, 
Slopehed, Curvalid, Polisher, Lathe, Sculptor, Slopeval, Topolish. 

C5. Fuzzy Pumper Palette Shop 

Allows you to convert captured video images and other NeXT-generated images 
into a VGA format, move them around, and save them for use on the IBM. 

C6. Scripto 

Scripto generates grab scripts for use with Lumpy. 

D. Random Extremely Important Info Too Small To Rate Having Its Own Section 


Sandwich Hall hours: 

Pizza Hut Hours: 

Ja--The Deli Hours: N-R, til 10. F-S, til 11. 
Number: 373-9173 (Delivery stops 1 hour before close) 

Ni's Hours: N-R, 11 a.m. til 9:30 p.m. F-S, 11 a.m. til 10:30 p.m. 
Number: 613-3773 

Known Application Bugs 

Don't use these functions: 

· Image, resize selection: leaves white rectangle, no resize done. 

E. Known and Unfixed Bugs 

We know these exist, but have not tracked them down yet: 


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