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The Doom Bible
Following is the original Doom Bible in its entirety.  Created by Tom Hall in 1992, this document contains all the original ideas for Doom.  As will be seen, Doom changed quite a bit from this original plan -- almost nothing found within these 16 sections made it to the full game.  Nevertheless, it's an interesting read -- and explains more than a few mysteries about Doom's features. 

This document is not owned nor copyrighted by Doomworld in any way.  It is as close of a transcription of the original document to HTML as possible.  Any cool ideas -- or blatant errors -- found within are either the result of the original author, Tom Hall, or the transciptor, John Romero.

Download PDF version of Doom Bible (requires Adobe Acrobat)
DOOM Bible
by Tom Hall
Revision Number .02
Date: 11/28/92

Table of Contents 

Game Specs 

Doom Command Line Parameters 
Intro and Demo Loop  
Control Panel  
Play Loop  
End of game  

Game Info 

Episode 1  

  • Story 
  • Actors 
  • Unique Bits 
  • Maps 

  • Episode 2 
    Episode 3 
    Episode 4 
    Episode 5  
    Episode 6  
    Stuff: Weapons, Items, Etc. 
    DOOM Press release 
    Random Notes 
    DOOM Calendar 


    File Extensions 
    Random Extremely Important Info Too Small to Rate Having its Own Section 
    Known and Unfixed Bugs

    Main Page
    Section 1