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Sverre Kvernmo
Welcome to Eternal Doom! Muhahahahaha.
I'll never forget that sound when I first loaded up the Eternal Doom Launcher after I had first downloaded it. With a project as big as Eternal Doom, many people that work on it become lost in the mix. Yet, through all this, one man stood above the rest. Sverre Kvernmo. He contributed three awesome levels to the set, and many of the textures used in the wad as well. Sverre was often looked at as the first person to truly master the craft of creating a Doom map. He had the ability to blend the look and play of a level into a true harmony that none could match. He was even hired to contribute to the Master Doom project. Again, another mere mortal, collaborating with the creators. His series of single player levels, Cabal, was a great set of Sinle Player levels that was to one day become a full 32 level megawad. But as we all know, plans change, as this man was scooped up to join Romero at Ion Storm. He has since gone on to help create a small start up company that is now developing a game based around the Kiss Comics. Even with all this, people still remember Sverre as a Doom Level design great, who created some of their all time favorite levels. 
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